Nombe's New Lunch Special: Beef Ramen

Last week, Nombe Restaurant added lunch service, featuring a unique beef ramen from their new chef Noriyuki Sugie. This ramen is also the star of Nombe's Dine About Town lunch offer — beef ramen, mini donburi and choice of drink: Japanese beer or housemade soda — which started Tuesday, January 17. The combo meal is a good value for $17.95, or you can get the beef ramen only for $10.

SFoodie sampled the Bay Area's first beef broth ramen last week. Except for packets of beef-flavored instant ramen, you will not find beef broth in any South Bay ramen shops. Mostly, because prior to 1868 eating beef was officially prohibited in Japan, for religious and political reasons.

Chef Sugie developed his beef recipe for his Iron Nori Bull Ramen pop-up dinners in Los Angeles. (That might sound like a reference to Iron chef, but it's simply Nori spelled backward.) He applies the cooking methods for tonkotsu (pork bone broth) but uses beef bones instead, including the bone marrow, which he simmers for 10-12 hours.

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