Norway's Butter Crisis Is Actually Hilarious, Thanks to This Video

Apparently American comedians are getting lots of material out of Norway's butter products crisis, because a lack of butter is something Americans find hilarious. You can't turn on Comedy Central and not see Dane Cook cutting Norway a new one about their lack of pussycat cakes. Well, Norway's not gonna take it anymore! Enter Tommy*, one pissed off Norwegian who's mad as hell, and not taking it anymore! Tommy's threatening to come and eat your American butter in front of you and your family's eyes. She will force you to watch her eat all the butter that you were going to eat on Christmas eve. ning! And you will cry and scream and she will say, “Ah ha ha not my problem!” and then throw the empty tub on your stairway and go home. Ya burnt! And don't get her started on our disgusting soggsages.

Take away: This holiday season, think of those less fortunate, and hold in your latest, “yo momma so fat cause she ate all the butter in Norway” jokes.

*Norwegian comedian Bjørnar Løberg, who is obviously very wonderful.

Hat tip, Videogum!

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