Number 13: Gobi Aloo Kati Rolls from the Kasa Indian Truck

Kasa's aloo gobi roti.

SFoodie's countdown of our favorite 50 things to eat and drink, 2012 edition

Kolkota's version of a New York slice, kati rolls were  designed to eat on the street. Originally a meat skewer wrapped in a paratha (flaky flatbread), the rolls have evolved in numerous directions over the years — some with egg and sliced onions and chiles, others with curried meats and chutneys. 

It seemed only appropriate that Kasa, a three-year-old Castro restaurant specializing in kati rolls, should launch two food trucks in the past year. Just like Anamika Khanna and Tim Volkema's permanent restaurant, the trucks serve a revolving menu of kati rolls with familiar and less-familiar fillings: chicken tikka, lamb curry, paneer with peppers and tomatoes, and SFoodie's favorite, gobi aloo.

The bright yellow curry is showered in shaved red onions, then dabbed with cilantro chutney — and if you dare, green-chile sauce — before being rolled up in a soft, thick roti. Cilantro grabs your attention first, and then coriander arrives, the dominant note in the curry's masala, sparkling and clean. The potatoes and cauliflower are simmered just until they're tender, but you can taste them underneath the spice. And as you crunch, onion's sulfurous bite flashes and dies and the chile's heat swells. Within a few bites, you're thankful for the presence of that roti, floury and a little flaky, which absorbs some of the burn. 

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