Off the Grid Celebrates Its First Birthday: An Interview with Organizer Matt Cohen

Matt Cohen.

Today marks the official birthday of Off the Grid, the roving series of food-truck gatherings that started at Fort Mason and now has six locations, with a seventh on the way — a weekly San Mateo Off the Grid starting July 11. To commemorate the occasion, SFoodie called up organizer Matt Cohen to find out what he's learned over the course of the year.

SFoodie: You've had a busy year, it seems. How long did it take you to get the first Off the Grid organized?

Cohen: I spent six months submitting documents and talking to San Francisco Rec and Park regarding the Upper Haight and Civic Center locations. But when we found Fort Mason, that jumped ahead of our launch calendar. I'd say that happened in about two months.

We were originally going to start with the two [city parks] and see where it went from there. As timing and fortune would have it, the Fort Mason Off the Grid has become our destination market, a proof of concept. We doubled the size of the market every week.

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