PieTISSERIE's Provincial Pie Window Opening at Kitchenette Today

PieTISSERIE's chocolate cream pie with pretzel crust

PieTISSERIE is bringing its portable Provincial Pie Window to the loading dock at Kitchenette in the Dogpatch today from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. PieTISSERIE's Jaynelle St. Jean will offer apple, ginger-lemon custard, banana chai, black and blue pear, and chocolate cream with pretzel crust alongside Kitchenette lunch selections including the PBLT (kakuni pork belly, lettuce, and tomato) and a burger made with Marin Sun Farms beef. Look for future PieTISSERIE pop-ups at Kitchenette, too.

Kitchenette: 958 Illinois (at 20th St.).

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