PizzaHacker's Frozen Dough Balls

PizzaHacker is on today's street-food lunch menu.

PizzaHacker Jeff Krupman has devised a way to bring a taste of his street-slung pies into people's kitchens with the introduction of new frozen pizza dough balls. Made with organic wheat and pizza flours (most likely from Central Milling), sourdough starter, filtered water, and Lima salt, each 240-gram ball ($4) will last in the freezer for months and spreads out into a 12-inch pie. Catch Krupman on the streets, at next week's Dorkbot conference, or, better yet, e-mail him at to order and arrange pickup. And if Whole Foods is listening, Krupman says he'd be interested to explore the option of one day stocking the freezer case with PizzaHacker dough.

What you don't get with the frozen stuff: Carefully sourced toppings and the beautiful drama of watching Krupman fire up a pizza in his 1000-degree modified Weber grill.

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