Police Bust Causing Brassica Supperclub to Rethink Its Underground Concept

  • By John Birdsall, SFoodie Editor
  • Wed Nov 11th, 2009 2:46pm
  • DiningSFoodie
Scene of the bust: Brassica's "dining room."

Unlicensed street-food vendors aren't the only ones who have to sweat out police raids. Last Friday, S.F.P.D. officers broke up an underground dinner for 20 paying guests at Brassica Supperclub. “The two officers that came made a reservation (which admittedly is not hard to do) and we let them in,” Brassica coproprietor Mark told SFoodie via e-mail. “They came in asking for permits, which we admitted we had none. They gave us a verbal warning only and kindly suggested some ways to become a legal operation, all of which were naive. They took our personal info, told us to stop, and left.”

A collaboration by two ex-Millennnium employees and someone who currently works at Café Gratitude, Brassica Supperclub offers prix-fixe seasonal vegan menus every other weekend from a home in the Sunset. The first one was in May. On the night of the bust, the menu included roasted acorn squash stuffed with Panang curry and forbidden black rice, and apple cobbler with ice cream and raisin coulis. It was the first police action at Brassica, said Mark, who rejected the suggestion that a complaint form a neighbor prompted Friday's raid. “We don't cause any kind of neighborhood disturbance, nor are our immediate neighbors home very much,” he said.

Mark said the police action has definitely cause him and his partners to rethink the business — the Brassica Web site is currently announcing it's no longer taking reservations. “We are considering our options now,” Mark said. “Legitimate restaurants in San Francisco pay exorbitant fees. We are going to lean pretty hard on the business-minded people we know to help point us in the right direction.”

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