Putting Thanksgiving Leftovers Out Of Their Misery

By now if your Thanksgiving leftovers aren't gone yet, you may be edging very close to cold turkey overload. The green bean casserole is probably looking worse for the wear and the sweet potatoes may have taken up permanent residence in the back corner of your fridge, resigned to stay there until spring cleaning. Don't let it happen again.

Bay Area Bites comes to the rescue with a few surprisingly palatable-sounding dinner reincarnations including Spicy Yammy Bacon Soup (for the sweet potatoes/yams/squash) and Turkey Pie (which covers potatoes and turkey leftovers).

Meanwhile the Chronicle keeps the laziest among us in mind with five variations on the turkey sandwich, along with a lengthy tip list for “making superior sandwiches” (is this really necessary?) Sadly, I could not find a leftover recipe that calls for three-day old green bean casserole. Putting the poor thing out of its misery may be the best option at this point.

green bean casserole! by jennifer_loring on Flickr

— Brian Bernbaum

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