Ramen Week Continued: Chotto's Rare Miso-Tonkotsu Hybrid

Chotto's miso-tonkotsu ramen hybrid.

There's no place SFoodie won't go to sample a good bowl of ramen — even if it means mingling with dudes wearing Ralph Lauren cargo shorts and flip-flops in 45-degree weather. Knowing this, we headed to popular Cow Hollow izakaya Chotto. On our first trip, the ramen proved elusive because the kitchen ran out of noodles just two hours after opening. Don't worry, we got the goods on the second visit.

Most people are aware of the basic ramen broth types: shio (salty, clear), shoyu, miso, and tonkotsu (pork bone), but not many know about traditional hybrid blends. Even the famous Santouka ramen is a shio-tonkotsu hybrid. Chotto chef Armando Justo's ramen is a miso-tonkotsu hybrid, a mix of rich porky flavors and full-bodied miso without the residual feeling of heaviness. Now we just need someone to make shoyu-tonkotsu and San Francisco will have it all!

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