Restaurants Are Bribing Customers With Discounts to Put Down Phones

Here's a sad sign of the times: A restaurant in Des Moines wants its customers to get off the phone and talk to each other so much that it's offering a 10 percent discount to those who hand over their phones on Wednesdays. The owner told the Des Moines Register that he just wanted his customers to enjoy each others company

[jump] Eater has compiled the growing list of restaurants around the world offering similar discounts, from Los Angeles to Beirut. There is also the practice of phone-stacking wherein everyone at the table puts their phone in a pile and the first one to check it foots the bill.

What do you think? Should more restaurants ban phones? Or does our ultraconnected, ultrabusy world require the occasional texting and Instagramming during dinner?

[via Eater]

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