Reviewing S.F. Airport's Terminal 2: Photographic Evidence

The taquito and chile relleno combo from Andalé.

What with travelers spending more time waiting in airports, and airplane food disappearing (a mixed blessing?), it makes sense that SFO's new Terminal 2 has more food vendors than gates.

For this week's full-length review, I took advantage of a couple of short trips on Virgin to eat my way around the new terminal. Much of the food is, indeed, better than what you'll find in terminals 1 or 3, while some of it is half-heartedly upscaled. You can read the full review for details, but I also gathered photographic evidence, which follows.

Of course, if you're flying United, Delta, or Singapore Air, you're going to have to go through security twice just to eat and then return to your gate. Remember: No liquids.


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