Rosé Fest, Rogue Market: Piccino Doubles Down on Delicious

Pizza's only half the story.

Piccino is known as much for facilitating community-focused events in Dogpatch as it is for turning out thin-crusted pizzas and seasonal salads. On this week in June, two charming happenings stand as evidence. On Sunday, the pizzeria holds its third annual Rosé Fest, pouring an assortment of cool, thirst-slaking rosés, including a Marsannay (Pinot Noir) from Régis Bouvier, a Chinon (Cabernet Franc) from Bernard Baudry, and a Bardolino Chiaretto by Corte Gardoni (a Corvina-Rondinella-Molinara blend from the Veneto). They'll sit alongside the usual menu, and a special trout dish prepared by visiting bros from Sausalito's Fish. A little sooner ― as in tomorrow ― stop by the restaurant for County Line Harvest's “rogue market”, and pick up a $25 “mystery” box of produce containing such possibilities as pea shoots, favas, broccoli rabe, radishes, strawberries, puplette onions, frisée, summer savory, and curly parsley. You'll want to get your order in ASAP. Find out how after the jump.

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