Rosie Branson Gill Talks 18 Reasons' 18th Hour

If you've found yourself drawn to the steadily expanding food scene between Guerrero and Dolores on 18th, you've wandered past the swanky, relatively new digs of Bi-Rite's 18 Reasons. Following the footsteps of its former incarnation, the dapper space is used as an assortment of things: classroom, event space, even makeshift restaurant when needed. 

Events at 18 Reasons are, for the most part, ticketed affairs, allowing a few people the chance to immerse themselves in small, personalized programs but leaving more than a few unlucky foodies looking in from the outside. With these folks in mind, 18 Reasons Program Director Rosie Branson Gill initiated the 18th Hour nights, a weekly collaboration between Bi-Rite and 18 Reasons open to the public. 

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