Run Out Of Gift Ideas Yet? No Worries, There's Always Gummy Haggis And Tapeworms!

You know the holiday shopping clusterfuck is in high gear when novelty products like this start popping up on your radar: gummy haggis and gummy tapeworms from Archie McPhee.

“Haggis is a traditional Scottish delicacy consisting of sheep entrails and spices boiled inside a sheep's stomach. As much as we'd love to sell the genuine article, we're just not in the business of boiled innards in stomach casing. We are, however, in the business of gummy candy that looks like boiled innards in stomach casing. Lucky you. Each 3-1/2″ long, 100 gram hunk of brownish Gummy Haggis looks disturbingly realistic and has the unmistakable flavor of butterscotch. Sealed in plastic bag.”

Perfect for that special someone who you have totally run out of gift ideas for. (via Laughing Squid)

— Brian Bernbaum

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