S.F. Street Food Fest: 5 Strategies for Winning This Weekend

Top tip: Beat the crowds by going early.

A little bit of thinking ahead is useful to plan your experience at tomorrow's (Aug. 18) fourth annual San Francisco Street Food Festival, which takes place in the Mission District on Folsom Street from 20th to 26th Streets, 21st and 25th Streets from Treat to Shotwell Streets, and the Cesar Chavez Elementary School parking lot, Parque de los Ninos Unidos and Jose Coronada Playground. Our top tips should get you thinking about the best way to tackle a giant food party for 80,000.

1. Go early

The festivities run from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., but the best pickins from the over 80 vendors are definitely going to be had right at the beginning. No matter how much extra space is added to this event every year, it still gets jam-packed with hungry people, and the inevitable long lines and walking rubberneckers follow. Why be the person who shows up late and leaves hungry after waiting hours for some French fries when you can be the person who arrives early and can try Georgian food, Ethiopian food — basically anything you want right away?

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