San Francisco Restaurant Needs Your Name — Prize: Free Dinner in Noe Valley, God-like Naming Powers

Something tells me San Francisco restauranteur Brett Emerson made a good move by not naming his new Noe Valley bistro Olallie. It's hard to pronounce, even harder to spell, and who outside of your hardcore berry connoisseurs will know what the hell it means? But now Emerson is asking for your help to pick a better name, and there are prizes involved, namely free dinner at his new restaurant-to-be.

Check out a description of the restaurant's concept to get those verbal juices flowing, and keep in mind: “seasonable, sustainable California fare with Spanish flair.” Among some of the pitches so far are Cafe Tango, Clara, Neblina and Bardine. Think you can do better? Of course you do.

— Brian Bernbaum

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