Santa Flash Mobs, and 'I Am Legend': Your Monday Morning Hangover

(Members of the annual Santa flash mob Santacon enjoy some of the season's finest. Photo by Gretchen Robinette)

Thank Christ, we made it to the week before Christmas. Man, this year sucked ass in so many new ways. Now, all that's left is some b.s. work, two, four-day weekends (maybe five-day weekends if we can swing it), and a bunch of playing with our new Wii. Heheh.

This weekend sort of kicked ass, and we're not too hungover. We saw the six-minute prologue to the new Batman and it ruled. Heath Ledger as the Joker looks creepy, and the hyper-violence is going to rule. Then I Am Legend came on, and the Fresh Prince was actually tight, son! We love ourselves some apocalypse tales, even if they mangle the book.

Today, our MySpace is blowing up with some old flames looking for holiday ass during the trip home and that almost makes up for the fact that the weather is supposed to stay shitty through the week. This is your Monday Morning Hangover, I'm your weatherhuman, David Downs.

We start with the quick A/V hit: Invisible Master Tetris. (Watch for the end when the pieces go invisible and homeboy still wins.)

Holy, fuck. That man is a Tetris robot.

And now the audio: “3s and 7s” from Queens of the Stone Age, who play two rocking nights here Thursday and Friday at the Warfield. Bow to their superior desert skills.

So, besides all the killings in Richmond, what else happened over the weekend?:

–Good thing you asked, the annual drunken Santa flash mob destroyed some childlike illusions about that lush St. Nick.

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