Screw KFC: Genki Ramen is Literally Finger-Lickin' Good

Worth the hot mess.

We ducked into Genki Ramen (3944 Geary at Fourth Ave.) on a recent rainy day, lured in by what looked like a snappy, grand opening-type sign out front. Turns out it's been open for five years and serves standout, fresh-tasting ramen. We're so used to getting ripped off when ordering items with crab in them — either you get a paltry amount, or you get a ton of fake, thready krab instead — that we were astonished when the crab leg ramen ($11.50 lunch, $12.50 dinner) arrived at the table with huge pieces of fried, meaty Dungeness hogging up the bowl (more than is evident by the photographic evidence). It probably takes some practice to learn the art of plucking out bits of limb out of the broth to remove the shells —  definitely a hot mess that'll have you constantly licking your fingers — but we're more than willing to put in the time to master the craft.

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