Trader Joe's Opening Downtown Location Next Week - February 7, 2017 - SF Weekly
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Trader Joe’s Opening Downtown Location Next Week

Steve Wool/Flickr

Fans of Joe Joe’s cookies, wild king salmon jerky and frozen seafood paella: Listen up! Trader Joe’s is coming your way. If you work downtown, that is. 

In an almost unheard-of turn of events for businesses in San Francisco, the popular grocery chain announced it is opening at 8 a.m. Feb. 16—two weeks before its previously predicted March launch. This is particularly welcome news for downtown office workers, as go-to fancy grocery store Bristol Farms closed down its location in the Westfield Centre’s food court last month. 

The new Trader Joe’s has a subtle entrance, located at 10 Fourth St. Upon entering an escalator will take you down to an underground level right below Old Navy. 

Details on what the store’s selection will be like are slim, though hungry lunch-goers are sure to snap up the ready-made salads and wraps. 

Unlike other Trader Joe’s across the city, this one won’t have parking, so traveling there on foot, bike, skateboard or public transportation is recommended. 

10 Fourth St. will be the sixth Trader Joe’s location in San Francisco. And if the one-in, one-out parking shuffle of Masonic Street’s location is any indication, it’s sure to be as jam-packed as its counterparts.