Sick of Booze? Try Crawfish Happy Hour

New Orleans crawfish at CoCo's: A bargain for early birds.

When we visited “Crawfish Happy Hour” at CoCo's Crawfish (2333 Irving at 24th Ave.), the hip-hop beats were blaring, the Cajun spices were sizzling, and the prices were a steal. Every Monday through Thursday from 3-6 p.m., crawfish are half-price according to market value; the current full price is $12.99/pound, so the corresponding happy hour price is $6.50/pound. This amounts to about 15-25 crawfish. The restaurant serves a few other entrees, such as Dungeness crab and fish and chips, but the crawfish actually comes from New Orleans. 

We splurged and added a couple pieces of corn and snappy sausage (60 cents each) to our pound of craws and went for medium-level spice despite being warned that this is actually pretty hot. After letting it simmer in the plastic bag that arrived at the table for a few more minutes, it was exactly the burn we wanted, but now we're morbidly curious how scorching the hottest level must be.

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