SJ Crawfish Adds Sunset Location to Its Mini Seafood Empire

SJ Crawfish, a seafood joint with locations in San Jose, Sacramento, and Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), has taken over CoCo's Crawfish in the Sunset in a bid to be the messiest meal in San Francisco. Dungeness crab, king crab legs, giant prawns, and crawfish are sold by the pound (price varies according to market) and boiled in big bags of garlic butter or hot chile oil. SJ has added menu items such as sweet potato fries, clams, raw oysters, soft-shelled crab, and lobster balls. Ask for your fare spicy, and it'll arrive in pools of blood-red oil, just like you want it. The server will giggle as it splatters in your eyes and gets all over the table, before asking, “Is it hot enough?”

And while SJ doesn't offer the value-conscious “Crawfish Happy Hour” of its predecessor, the new owners have spruced up the decor a bit for a cleaner appearance. More importantly, they've found bigger and fatter crawfish to serve.

SJ Crawfish 2333 Irving (at 24th Ave.), 665-6033.

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