Straight From The Chef's Mouth: Waiters, Go Fuck Yourselves

The pay debate pitting chefs versus waiters, spurred most recently by the Chronicle's front page story earlier this month (along with a flood of reader reaction), continues unabated.

While I already know that waiters make a lot more money than most chefs in the same restaurants, and that those same chefs work longer hours, it's nice to hear it straight from a cook's mouth, unadorned. New York City legend-in-the-making David Chang, of the insanely popular Momofuku Ssäm Bar was named one of GQ's Men Of The Year, and he has a few choice words about the chef/waiter divide:

“I know nobody expects to make money as a cook, but cooks have to live, and they can’t live on $300 to $400 a week. It makes me mad that cooks are treated like shit and servers say, ‘Well, you choose your profession.’ Whatever you guys say, you don’t work as hard as cooks, so go fuck yourselves

— Brian Bernbaum

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