Strippers, Escort, and New Year's Eve plans: Your Friday Morning Pre-Party

So we survived the Turkey Holocaust, only to confront you, dammed reader and your voracious desire for news, culture and food entertainment this week. We gotta admit, our performance this post-Turkey Day week was a bit lackluster. So let's get trashed on Vicodin and tequila and forgot all about it, shall we?

Welcome to Your Friday Morning Pre-Party, I'm your host, Web Editor David Downs.

First off, this pre-party needs a coked-out, disco muppet vibe. So click on this youtube embed of the Brooklyn sex-funk 18-piece Escort, who play Mezzanine this weekend.

Feel that disco funk? Damn, that's stanky! Now, looking back on this week, we raise our pimp cups to :

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