Summer Starts in 3…2…1: Loló Has 11 New Cocktails

Loló, the wonderful tapas restaurant on Valencia with the power-clashing interior, is well known for its agave bar and for its Friday-Saturday lunchtime cocktails that cater to people who either don’t have a care in the world or drink as if they don’t.

And now they’re introducing an entirely new list of spring/summer cocktails, left intentionally flexible for San Francisco’s off-kilter seasons. As with the bar’s agave-based perennials (like the magnificent Gold Digger, a mezcal concoction made with yellow Chartreuse, tonic syrup and grapefruit bitters), the southwestern succulent figures prominently here.

[jump] From now until the fog robs us of all desire to laugh and socialize — and even then, really — patrons can enjoy an El Puñal (mezcal, Aperol, poppy liqueur, almond, lime), or a Ramos Gin Shrub (gin, Campari, watermelon-basil shrub, lime). Imagine you’re 400 miles to the south in a tony neighborhood of West L.A. while drinking The Fresh Prince (Pisco, passion fruit egg white, lime, orange blossom water) or tell a fib to all your health-nut friends about the wonders that juicing will do to your complexion with a 2 Birds, 1 Stone (mezcal, fresh carrot juice, parsley, celery bitters, and a kaffir lime salt rim). And there are seven more!

Remember, Loló isn’t just a Mexican joint; it’s a Jaliscan-Californian restaurant. Always remember the glories of ceviche and that panko avocado taco while you’re downing a few. And if you need a further reminder that it’s summer, the bar has a bunch of pics of palm trees and the cerulean Pacific behind it. Fog? What fog?

Loló, 974 Valencia, 643-5656.

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