TableXchange Is Totally The New TablePronto

Restaurant reservations in San Francisco suddenly seem like a very hot commodity, which is puzzling to begin with, but now the plot thickens. Last week it was TablePronto in the spotlight, now comes word of TableXchange, the self-described OGs in the reso scalping game who claim TablePronto cold jacked their shit while they perfected their system in New York. Now TableXchange is setting up shop in San Francisco, and they sound pissed. From Eater SF:

“… Antoine [Powell of Tablepronto] completely hacked our site and started a shoddy version of TableXchange …”

Now c'mon, there's no reason San Francisco can't make room for two restaurant reservation scalping services, assuming people will actually pay $25 for something that's, you know, free.

— Brian Bernbaum

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