The Chronicle and the GGRA Go After Food Trucks

Nearby restaurants blocked Doc's of the Bay from parking at several spots it had applied for.

The Chron story, which makes the owner of Chronicle-reporter watering hole Tempest Bar its primary character, reports that the spread of food trucks is harming restaurants, like Tempest Bar, that are located near the spots where the trucks park. 
The other major opponent quoted in the story: Golden Gate Restaurant Association president Rob Black. Black worries that the city's the newly revised permitting process, which switched control of street-vending permits over to the Department of Public Works and reduced permitting fees by 60 to 80 percent, is letting food trucks spread unchecked across the city.
Reporter Stacy Finz, however, doesn't quote any food truck operators in the story. And what her story also fails to report is that under previous president Kevin Westlye, the GGRA endorsed the current change to the regulations, which give brick-and-mortar restaurants greater —  not less — power to deny food trucks access to a location near them.

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