The Dapper Diner Eats His Way Through ANZU's 25th Anniversary Menu

1987 was an interesting year — gas was under a dollar, the world population was nearing five billion, the stock market crashed, a storm of hurricane-like power hit Southern England killing two dozen, The Simpsons started airing as shorts on The Tracey Ullman Show, Baby Jessica fell down a well, the Golden Gate Bridge turned 50, Dianne Feinstein was the outgoing mayor of San Francisco, and the Giants lost the National League Championship Series in seven games to the St. Louis Cardinals. Fast-forward 25 years to 2012 and gas is just under four dollars, the economy is a bit battered, Frankenstorm has stomped all over the northeast coast, The Simpsons is still on TV, and the Giants won the National League Championship Series in seven games against the St. Louis Cardinals on their way to a World Series championship. 1987 also saw the opening of the Hotel Nikko in downtown San Francisco, where it has remained a fixture. To celebrate its silver anniversary, ANZU, the restaurant on the Nikko's second floor, is offering a special tasting menu until the end of November.

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