The Harrowing Life Of A Cowgirl Creamery Cheesemonger

Grub Report breaks down all the ridiculous things you should never do or say in an artisanal cheese shop, in this case local favorite Cowgirl Creamery. While clearly blowing off some steam about the apparently large number of witless idiots who wander into the store, the article includes some anecdotes to ensure that I'll never, ever become a fancy cheesemonger:

“I was sort of explaining [expensive cheese] to one customer as he boggled over the price of a French cheese. I explained that it was French and homemade. Grinning like an idiot that i suspect is of the “village” kind, he asks, “Oh, so, like some little guy in Tuscany is making it?” Right. Except that the “little guy” is IN FRANCE!”

Ain't customer service grand? But just to balance everything out, there's another piece entirely devoted to the beloved customers. (via Grub Report)

— Brian Bernbaum

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