The Ken Ken Ramen Review We Never Published

Ken Ken's chile-garlic edamame.

When Ken Ken Ramen reappears tomorrow night at The Corner, new chef Taka Hori won't be the pop-up's only change. There's now a shio ramen, and the broth recipe has been adjusted with more veggies and a new slow-roasted chasu. Prices remain the same as they were at Panchita's, but with an option to add extra toppings.

We've been following Ken Ken for four months now. We originally delayed reporting on the ramen pop-up by Robert Patterson, Stefan Roesch, and former chef Kenji Miyazaki to avoid triggering a repeat of Ramengate 2010, which also gave us the opportunity to thoroughly sample the short menu and check for consistency.

Ken Ken's original Panchita's menu had a choice of miso, shoyu, spicy miso, and a miso vegetarian ramen for $11. Meals started with a complimentary dish of chile-garlic edamame, boiled soybean pods tossed with sautéed minced garlic and sambal ― a tasty appetizer popular in Southern California and on the East Coast.

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