The Quest to Find the Right Low-Dose Gummy

My quest to find the medicated gummy that chills me out without retreating too deep into my own mind.

Photo courtesy of PLUS

As a pedantic and occasionally anxiety-prone brainiac know-it-all, the last thing in the world I want out of a supposedly relaxing activity is to retreat further into my head. I like my brain and its higher functions just fine, but how I do hate my stupid head. While I’ve long since learned not to consume so much cannabis that I get straight-up paranoid, sometimes, you ingest a little too much and then you’re unable to be present in social situations without tripping over your own thoughts, as if someone had rearranged the furniture in the dark. Then it’s so much for one’s own extroverted nature. You’d better hope the music is good.

Ever since recreational use became legal in California, I’ve been on the hunt for the right gummy or low-dose edible with several applications. In my head — again, danger zone — I know something exists that will make long hikes feel more vigorous and put me in tune with nature, but without leaving me too loopy to handle social situations. Oh, did I mention that as an Irish-Catholic gay Pisces food writer, I can handle my alcohol with aplomb, but otherwise I’m a genuine cannabis featherweight?

I think I found what I’ve been looking for. PLUS Products’ Blackberry & Lemon Restore indica gummies come 20 to a round tin, and at 4.5 milligrams of THC and 0.5 milligrams of CBD each, they’re manageable. They’re gluten-free and kosher (but not vegan, of course, owing to the gelatin) and unlike those mandible-working gummies that are only a bit softer than Swedish fish and migrate up your gum line, these little sugared cubes feel almost elegant, like a medicated version of pâtes de fruit at the end of a long meal. They’re on the acidic side, too, adding to the sense that it’s not just ordinary candy.

If you want to unwind without physically fusing with the couch cushions until you’ve watched Big Mouth in its entirety, these might be the candidate. On average, they take only 45 minutes for the effects to kick in — so that you don’t make that rookie mistake and eat two more — and they crest without a steep drop-off that brings itself to your attention. At $15 to $20 retail, they’re a smart way to microdose — and considering there’s an endless parade of festivals coming up, I know what I’m going to be discreetly packing when I go see Aphex Twin or Tame Impala. One is plenty.

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