The Year Of Eating Dangerously: Best Comment Of 2007

There's just something about this Japanese “Consommé Punch” potato chip commercial. Maybe it's the sad school boy. Maybe it's the scary-in-a-David-Lynch-sort-of-way dog. Maybe it's their tender friendship. Whatever it is, the commercial provoked my favorite comment of the year, from Keith:

“i nearly peed my pants when i saw this video, and i'm pretty sure my children will have nightmares about dancing dogs forcing them to eat Japanese potato chips encoded into their DNA just from me having seen this, but it made laugh, and it's not just because i've been up all night. well maybe it is, but it was still funny. 'CONsoomay, CONsoomay, CONsoomay PunchEE' gratuitous woot!”

— Brian Bernbaum

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