The Year Of Eating Dangerously: Best Food Post Of The Year

Because Chef David Chang's commentary so perfectly distills the ongoing restaurant showdown between front of the house (waiters) and back of the house (cooks), as illustrated by the prolific reaction to the Chronicle's front page story “Chefs' high hopes, low pay leave S.F. restaurants starved for help,” this post from November (Straight From The Chef's Mouth: Waiters, Go Fuck Yourselves) stands out as the SFoodie post of the year. Plus, how often do I get to type the word 'fuck' and actually attribute it to somebody else? Just for fun here's Chang's comment again, originally from his interview as one of GQ's Men Of The Year:

“I know nobody expects to make money as a cook, but cooks have to live, and they can’t live on $300 to $400 a week. It makes me mad that cooks are treated like shit and servers say, ‘Well, you choose your profession.’ Whatever you guys say, you don’t work as hard as cooks, so go fuck yourselves.”

— Brian Bernbaum

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