This Weekend: Chaac Mool at Hayes Valley Proxy

  • By John Birdsall, SFoodie Editor
  • Thu Apr 14th, 2011 6:31pm
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Chaac Mool Proxy Pop-Up

Where: The Proxy Project, Octavia and Linden Streets

When: Sat., April 16, 11 a.m.-8 p.m., and Sun., April 17, noon-7 p.m.

The rundown: Chaac Mool owners Maria de la Luz and Luis Vazquez come form a long line of professional cooks and bakers in the Yucatan. They're currently in La Cocina's small-business incubator program, catering events and popping up Friday nights at Off the Grid Fort Mason Center. And Chaac Mool's leasing La Cocina's street-food trailer, slated to be a regular daily feature at Dolores Park, despite stirrings of NIMBY opposition. This weekend, Chaac Mool's doing a trailer soft opening, not at Dolores but at the emerging Hayes Valley Proxy Project, the first in a planned series of La Cocina pop-ups there.

Menu: tacos with handmade corn tortillas (cochinita pibil, vegetarian, chicken relleno negro); nachos with the same protein options; vegetarian brazo de reina tamales; vegtarian guiso (i.e., vegetable stew) in sope “bowl”; aguas frescas

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