Tons of Filipino Food This Weekend at Pistahan Fest in Yerba Buena

Balut: First-timers might want to keep their eyes closed.

If reading about and searching for the Adobo Hobo cart this weekend wet your whistle for Filipino food, check out the grub and food contests at next weekend's Pistahan Fest at Yerba Buena Gardens (745 Mission at Fourth St.). The festival runs both Saturday and Sunday.

There's no guarantee of healthier adobo like the stuff talked up by Adobo Hobo, but you will be able to witness a live adobo cook-off and balut eating contest. For the uninitiated, balut is a nearly developed fertilized duck or chicken egg, considered a Filipino specialty (and, occasionally, a hazing rite for non-Filipinos). Feel free to check out the Health Pavilion if all that makes you feel too gluttonous. There will also be a parade at 10 a.m. on Saturday (Beale at Market), dancing, jazz and other music, and other cultural highlights. “Creativity Pavilion,” anyone? E-mail with questions.

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