Top 5 Beers to Drink at Outside Lands

It's no secret that booze and music pair well. Listening to Johnny Cash demands a shot of whiskey. When Snoop's “Gin and Juice” comes on the radio, you know what to reach for. And every time we see Celine Dion live, we always have a glass of rosé in hand.

While you're bound to see flocks of hipsters at this weekend's Outside Lands festival, there will be no PBR in sight in the beer garden. The festival's Beer Lands attraction was curated by Magnolia's Dave McLean, and will feature 30 brews from 15 craft breweries. Combine these quality beers with a wine garden and talented local food purveyors, and Outside Lands is sending a powerful message to the concert promotion industry: Good music pairs well with other good things.

Check out five of our recommendations from the Beer Lands tent, in no particular order:

The Bruery's Humulus APA with Brett

The Humulus series from Orange County's Bruery is a draft-only, hop-forward line of beers that rarely make an appearance in Northern California. This batch is a pale beer with a floral hop aroma and a notable earthiness from the addition of brettanomyces, a wild yeast used in many sour beers. This beer is aggressive and slightly rough around the edges, and should pair well with the ragged psychedelic stylings of the band Tame Impala.

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