Top Chef Alumnus Suvir Saran Speaks About Street Food and (Apparently) Doesn't Hate Beef

Suvir Saran Serves up Street Food (and Then Talks About It)

When: Sunday, August 28, noon to 3 p.m.

Where: Fort Mason Center

Cost: $150 for the whole conference

Two facts you may not have known about Top Chef alumnus Suvir Saran: he loves street food, and he doesn't really hate meat.

“I'm far from a meat or beef basher,” he says. “I'm more Buddhist vegetarian — if you put it in front of me, I'll eat it.”

In fact, he actually dislikes the militant vegans or vegetarians who shove their agendas in your face, as he was (seemingly falsely) accused of doing on Top Chef. “If you practice kosher, that's one thing, but if you're just a vegan about a particular agenda… I'm intolerant of people shoving it into your face — you'll charm people by bringing them to a table and giving them wonderful legumes and beans and feeding it to them with beef they love,” he says.

And beef is something that, on occasion, finds a spot in his heart, too.

“I often dream that the beef coming in front of me is a beautiful blue steak,” he says, also confessing his love for Thai beef salad — “one of my favorite indulgences.”

Steak or no steak, street food is one of Saran's passions, a delight that he says food critics are only beginning to explore and enjoy. “They said it was a 'brain-fucking orgasm,'” he says of a recent New York street food review. “A lot of the highfalutin dining people have gotten crazy about it.”

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