Top Chef: Just Desserts, Week 3: It Was Glee All Over Again, Minus the Britney Crazy

It's Sylvia

Was the Britney Spears Glee episode this week not sweet enough for you? Top Chef: Just Desserts tried to carry out the same overhyped (school) spirit on last night's episode. Unfortunately, both Glee and Top Chef were misses compared to last week's craziness. Uh, hello, Charice's voice and Seth's freak-out. FTW!

Last night's Quickfire Challenge featured what they like to call the most important cake of your life: The Wedding Cake. Naturally, Sylvia Weinstock was the judge. She made it quite clear she wanted the cakes to be beautiful and the flavors to sing.

Now we're getting to the “Have you been snorting buttercream?” moment. The contestants had only an hour and a half to make a wedding cake. Top Chef provided the sheet cake and the contestants had to fill, frost, and decorate. It doesn't sound that hard but phrases like “hot mess cake” and “structurally sound” were uttered, and all of the cakes were fairly hideous. Let's just say that we would be Bridezilla if any of these were our cakes.

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