Top Chef Masters, Week 1: Traci Snarls, La Cocina Wins!

Do not fuck with Des Jardins.

We are still suffering from a bit of Top Chef overload, but the new season of Top Chef Masters with new host, format, and judges brought us right back into the world of cheftestants, Quickfires, and knife packings. We tuned in last night for the Season 3 premiere, hosted by our number-one hunky chef as seen on TV, Curtis Stone. Also, the judges this time around ― Ruth Reichl and James Oseland ― are just as topnotch.

The promo: Twelve of the most acclaimed chefs in America, battling in a culinary clash of the titans. San Francisco's very own Traci Des Jardins was the opening's most intimidating, saying she'd been the only woman in most of the kitchens she'd worked in France, and that she'd built a reputation for being mean. We like them fighting words ― we're in!

Other master cheftestants we have our eye on:

Suvir Saran, who blamed a bite from a rabid dog for his participation, and said his good looks and eloquence would carry him through (adding a “kidding” at the end)

Hugh Acheson, the self-proclaimed White Swan of the Masters, who parts his lips and speaks in a very interesting way

Mary Sue Milliken, who does women chef trips with Traci to Mongolia and Egypt, which should be its own reality show

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