Tourism Begins at Home on S.F. Street-Food Crawl

Alioto's: O.G. S.F. street food.

Last weekend, SFoodie was invited on a street-food crawl curated by Caleb Zigas, director of operations at La Cocina, as part of Chevrolet's “Best of Tours” series. It was one of several upcoming events and surprises to preface the second annual San Francisco Street Food Festival, due in late August, pending city approval. (We'll bring you more on that as it develops.)

The four-hour adventure was a rare opportunity to feel like an excited tourist in our birthplace, and also a chance to appreciate the breadth and depth of what we call street food in San Francisco. And, as we were ferried around in various Chevy models (all with that great new car smell), the pressures of driving and parking in visitor hot spots melted away.


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