Trader Joe’s Opens to Scuffle with Vegan Activists

Direct Action Everywhere (DxE) is angry about the conditions that hens are in, but this TJ's lacks much natural light, too.

The entrance to Trader Joe’s after the grand-opening ceremony looked calm. (Peter Lawrence Kane)

The subterranean Trader Joe’s at Fourth and Market streets opened today with lots of red-and-white balloons and short-sleeved employee uniforms with toucans on them. Accusing the quirky, discount grocery chain of “mass cannibalism,” Direct Action Everywhere was ready.

In a press release sent to SF Weekly, DxE claims their “combination of street theatre and dark humor” disrupted the grand opening this morning, and that they were “aggressively shoved” by employees who didn’t like banners reading “It’s Not Food, It’s Violence.” (That is probably what they wanted, or their press release would have been considerably less flashy.)

We have reached out to Trader Joe’s and will update when they respond.

This grocery store effectively replaces the Bristol Farms in the cellar level of the Westfield Centre, which occupied the same block as this Trader Joe’s until it shuttered earlier this year. If you were speculating that such a central location meant higher prices than at other Trader Joe’s locations elsewhere in San Francisco, a cursory glance at the produce section and bourbon-heavy booze aisle suggests that this is not the case.

Anyway, get your Joe Joe’s and peanut-butter-flavored dog treats, everybody!

Trader Joe’s, 10 Fourth St., 415-536-7801 or

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