Vesta Flatbread Seeks Kickstarter Funds to Fire Up the Vestamobile

Vesta Flatbread's Traci Prendergrast has spent the past year selling sandwiches and other fare at various local farmers' markets, fruitlessly searching for the perfect brick-and-mortar space in Oakland. She's now switched directions an decided to take her show on the road. Prendergrast has purchased a food truck to turn into the Vestamobile, and she's soliciting public support via Kickstarter to build a gas-fired hearth oven on board.

Prendergrast has added incentives in her bid to raise $5,000 in the next 29 days. If you were thinking about hiring a food truck for an event, say, and were willing to donate $500 or more, Prendergrast will drive the Vestamobile over to feed a party of 50 (as long as you're within a 25-mile radius of Oakland). Just sayin': Prendergrast's coffee-braised short-rib sandwich was one of our most memorable street-food bites of last year.

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