Vino Teca: The Restaurant That Wasn't There

Eater SF is up in arms over misinformation spreading on city guide about-town Yelp, among whose user-generated restaurant reviews and listings appear at least one for a restaurant that doesn't even exist. Heh. It seems Vino Teca, listed at 1785 Union Street, actually lives in the “concept phases” of local entrepreneur Luisa Hanson's drawing board, which raises all kinds of credibility questions for Yelp and kind of makes you wonder how many nonexistent joints have pages:

“Call us crazy, but we're of the mindset that a restaurant review should reference an actual business rather than a concept, or at the very least, carry some indication of its unopen status.”

No, I won't call you crazy Eater. Sending hungry/thirsty people off to find a restaurant that doesn't exist is a great to make sure they'll never, ever try the place again. Incidentally, Hanson has been called “San Francisco's Worst Entrepreneur,” a “mean nut,” and “unscrupulous,” among other things, with much of the flack coming since her recent bid to turn old school Larkin Street pub John Barleycorn into a new restaurant.

— Brian Bernbaum

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