Why Did People's Donuts Change Its Name to Pepple's?

Pepple's Donuts, the organic, vegan East Bay wholesale bakery formerly known as People's Donuts, has opened a kiosk in San Francisco's Ferry Building.

What's with the weird name change? A Pepple's rep told us that she heard it was because the owner, Josh Levine, thinks Pepple's is a “cuter” name, but that sounds a little funny to us. Mentions of a rumor on Bloughnut suggest there might be a more complicated (and, according to the local doughnut blog, possibly uncool) reason for the switch.

But the whisper of controversy doesn't end there. Levine claims on his own doughnut blog that former Pepple's customer Whole Foods is now selling nonorganic “impostor donuts” developed in-house and priced at less than half of Pepple's sinkers. This came after canceling his account at 12 locations in Northern California and Nevada.

Hard-hitting journalist that we are, we thought it important for the city of San Francisco for us to immediately race to a Whole Foods location in search of these so-called impostors to see how they stack up. Read the results of our vegan doughnut smackdown.

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