Wreck Your New Year's Resolution With a High Cocoa Percentage at Giddy Candy in the Castro

If you aren't delighted by rows of apothecary jars

Say what you will about all the new condo buildings on Market, but they’re giving us some fun new ground-level retail action. The otherwise nondescript edifice at Market, Noe and 16th Street is now home to Giddy Candy, and it’s 75-square feet of pure wholesome goodness, radiating sunbeams and Swedish fish.

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[jump] While we have no shortage of chocolatiers in this town, the closest approximation to Giddy that opened in the last few years might be Buttons Candy Bar on 24th Street in Noe Valley. But where Buttons is for adults to live vicariously through their children, introducing them to Charleston Chews and other increasingly-hard-to-find sweets remembered from their own youth, Giddy is for more for those adults themselves. Not because it stocks erotic lollipops or anything like that, but the shelves include nonpareils, British wine gums, salted licorice and $8.50 Askinoise chocolate bars bound in compostable packaging. (The 62% dark milk chocolate with fleur de sel is particularly bright and creamy.)

Don’t worry, those weird gummy things that you’re convinced no one else likes are there, too. And the proprietress, Mary Mueller, is a friendly sort who may just take a pic of you beaming upon their discovery, and put it on Giddy’s Facebook page. Giddy might be the commercial equivalent of a micro-unit, but this little candy store is going to wreck a lot of New Year’s resolutions.

Giddy Candy, 2299-B Market, 298-2499.

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