Yasukochi's Rice Cracker Cookies Solve the Salty/Sweet Conundrum

Tucked inside the tiny Super Mira grocery store, the 35-year-old bakery Yasukochi's Sweet Stop (1790 Sutter at Buchanan) is largely known for its version of the classic Blum's coffee crunch cake. There's not a lot here to remind you of the neighborhood's Japanese heritage but for one other highlight under Yasukochi's glass. It's an original invention that would be easy to miss while gazing at cake.

Rice cracker cookies (sold in bags of a dozen for $9) satisfy that complicated simultaneous craving for both salty and sweet, though the taste does lean more towards the former than the latter. The rich butter cookie shatters to reveal a more than generous smattering of crushed orange rice crackers inside. And if you just can't get that coffee crunch cake off your brain, Yasukochi's will sell you a bag of the topping for five bucks.

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