You Guys! Brewcade Has Ninja Turtles! (And Beer)

Brewcade's sodas come from The Fizzary.

When was the last time you fought with a friend over who got to play Arch Rivals first? When was the last time you even saw Arch Rivals, the ridiculous early-nineties “basketball” video game that involves punching out your opponents? Did you lure them over to Millipede with promises of chicharones and a craft soda? Probably not.

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[jump] If you head over to Barcade, you can do just that. (You can also play Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, Track and Field, and Willow. I was very curious about how someone adapted Ron Howard’s unfairly obscure 1988 sorcery-fantasia flick, but the line to play was too long, so that will have to wait, enormous excitement notwithstanding.)

Since people are at least nominally there to consume beverages of some sort, it should be noted that Brewcade has an impressive 25 beers on tap (the usual Racer 5 and deeper cuts like Shallow Grave Porter) plus another 15 rotating brews. Because it’s project from the team behind nearby Blackbird, there are low-octane, beer- and wine-based cocktails, as well as Stumptown Coffee on tap and lots of sodas from the Fizzary, such as Bruce Cost Fresh Ginger Ale, Dad’s Blue Cream and Main Root Mexi-Cane Cola. There’s a Munchie Bar with caramel corn and beef jerky, and you have the option of ordering food from the kitchen at Hi Tops, right across Market Street. (The delivery method is uncannily Frogger-like.)

Brewcade has a board in the back where you can play tic-tac-toe or spell things with magnetic letters. I’m happy to report that my fellow drinkers are totally immature and wasted no time in spelling out nasty slang for things the body does. Also, they open at 3 p.m., right when ninth period gets out, so try not to get detention. Now please excuse me while I go put a quarter down on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I call Leonardo!

Brewcade, 2200 Market #102.

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