Your Monday Morning Hangover: Hanukkah, Holiday Parties, and Hotties - December 3, 2007 - SF Weekly
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Your Monday Morning Hangover: Hanukkah, Holiday Parties, and Hotties

(Anne Faith Nicholls at her 'Low Tide Collection' in Shooting Gallery SF Friday | Photos By Gretchen Robinette)

We hope you enjoyed that minor lull between the Turkey Halocaust last week and the upcoming Holiday Party/Hanukkah/X-Mas Shitrain which should start any minute now. Have you got your stupid tree yet? Gone caroling? You make us sick.

This is the Monday Morning Hangover, I'm your blood-shot-eyed web editor, David Downs.

We start with the quick distraction:

Radiohead's new video “Bodysnatchers.”

Kick arse. If only SF bands could rock half as hard. Maybe they need to got to Oxford first.

Now, WTF happened this weekend? Glad you asked, because we were fucking everywhere, dawg. We were on the SF scene like hunger on hobo. All you pretenders can step down now, cus check this:

–18-piece neo-disco act Escort kept the coke noses leaking at Mezzanine. Photog Gretchen Robinette captured souls.

Cicrus Oz abused women with sledgehammers at UC Berkeley. Ariel Soto got the goods.

–Hair farmers Iron and Wine folked up the Paramount. Also Soto.

–A Super-Indy Xmas went down at Bottom of the Hill with Cold Hot Crash. Our Ty Callister was there.

–Shooting Gallery debuted work from Anne Faith Nicholls. So hot! Photos by Gretchen Robinette.

Aimee Mann kept X-Mas boozy at Bimbo's. Thanks, Soto.

–And Oakland's The Heavenly States polluted our photog Gretchen Robinette.

Look upon our slideshows and weep for your lame, social life, SF.

On the schedule this week:

–Today: SF GovernmentInAction briefs you on some oil spill hearings and more anti-business legislation from the commies at City Hall.

–And RaidersSuckNinersSuck briefly puts his cup of Haterade down to better rest his chin near the base of Jamarcus Jamillions' 10-inch dong.

–Plus, new stories on SF's retarded gun buy-back program.

–And a profile of a guy who shot Craig Newmark and all his neighbors, and is now net-famous.

–Tuesday, Ty Callister's BetterKnowAnSFBlog trolls the blogosphere for local delicacies.

–Wednesday we're starting “HuMP3 Day” with music from all the new music stories we wrote. And we also offer the week's Kings of Commenting! Because there's nothing funnier than blind reader rage.

–Thursday, we're resting for our Holiday Part at the Aquarium, sponsored by our life-long homies Samuel Adams and Jack Daniels.

And Friday we Pre-Party hard with Sharon Jones and the First Thursday art crowd.

Naturally, we will be at more great shows this week like:

Vampire Weekend, Six Organs of Admittance, Tegan and Sara, Tori Amos, Modest Mouse, Spoon, Melt Banana, XBXRX, Andrew Bird, Prefuse 73, and Nude Aid — at the Center for Sex and Culture

See how much more we do than you? And yet you still question us. One day you will shut up and take your medicine. Till then, sayonara, rubes.

(Your Monday Morning Hangover hits at 9-ish a.m. every Monday morning with a weekend wrapup, plus a weekly news and culture outlook, because we feel sorry for you clowns — driving your clown cars to your clown offices where you do clown work and lunch on clown food.)