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Place Pigalle

Place Pigalle

This dive gives those in Hayes Valley who'd rather not drop rent on a bar tab a place to go. Locals love the pool table and the foosball table, and after looking around at the well-worn couches, one may wonder, "Wait, am I in a frat house?"
The Final Final

The Final Final

Its walls covered by 49ers and Giants memorabilia, the Final Final is a solid place to kick back and watch sports in the Marina, with a crowd of regulars, sports enthusiasts, and whoever else shows up to enjoy the pool table, dartboard, and free popcorn.


With nightly DJs playing good ol' rock 'n' roll, Delirium's small, black-walled back room is one of the city's coolest places when the DJs are firing on all cylinders. And with a motto like "service for the sick," we can dig it.

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  • 1015 Folsom

    1015 Folsom

    1015 Folsom San Francisco, CA 94103
    415-431-1200 A central hub of S.F.'s dance scene, 1015 boasts three enormous dance floors, an internationally renowned roster of DJs, and a guaranteed late-night party. Depending on your musical tastes, you might find yourself in one of several sub-clubs housed within the facility, including the low-slung front room (with its glowing astroidal ceiling) and the more cavernous main room (with a balcony and huge P.A. system that pumps beats to throngs of happy dancers). Read more about this San Francisco bar or club >>

  • 103 Harriet

    103 Harriet

    103 Harriet St. San Francisco, CA 94103

    103 Harriet (aka 1015 Folsom: The Remix) is essentially the same venue as its more famous big brother on Folsom Street, except you enter around the corner on Harriet Street and, depending on the event, your chosen DJ/performer will be in a different dance area than the main room. Generally the 103 Harriet "venue" is used for more underground, electronix-heavy acts than the house music that draws B&T crowds to 1015. Read more about this San Francisco bar or club >>

  • 111 Minna Gallery

    111 Minna Gallery

    111 Minna San Francisco, CA 94105
    415-974-1719 An art gallery/nightclub/bar, this South of Market venue shows films, hosts DJs, gets people drunk -- all in a sleek atmosphere where pretty people come to play. 111 Minna's two rooms, each with its own liquor service counter, can host separate simultaneous events, or they can act as one large venue where crowds commingle while dancing, drinking, or gazing at the walls filled with ever-changing visual displays. Regular art shindigs like Dr. Sketchy's drawing party share the calendar with hip-hop DJ nights, happy hour fundraisers for local charities, live rock shows, and other varied cultural events, so if you're not into what 111 Minna's doing tonight, check back again tomorrow -- it's bound to be something entirely different. Read more about this San Francisco bar or club >>

  • 1161 Mission

    1161 Mission St. San Francisco, CA 94103

  • 1300 on Fillmore

    1300 on Fillmore

    1300 Fillmore St. San Francisco, CA 94115
    415-771-7100 Refined New American cooking, using French techniques and Southern accents, in a comfortable dark-brown room in the revitalized Fillmore Preservation Jazz District. Occasional live jazz in the adjacent bar and lounge room (pleasantly audible in the dining room) reminds you of the street's heritage (as does a dazzling wall of photographs in the lounge), but soul food was never like this. 1300 on Fillmore has lovely desserts and a well-priced all-American wine list. Sunday brunch. Read more about this San Francisco bar or club >>

  • 15 Romolo

    15 Romolo

    15 Romolo Place San Francisco, CA 94133
    415-398-1359 Aaron Smith's rejiggered 15 Romolo has developed magnetic powers, attracting even those who'd rather avoid the North Beach crowds. The dim bar hits the perfect balance of Barbary Coast and design boutique, flavored with a few drops of rockabilly dive. The bartenders switch up their featured drinks frequently, so it's hard to know if a concoction that's there one week will be there the next. The mixologists have been known to get inspired by a root or berry from the morning farmers' market, so prepare yourself for something fresh and creative. The Spaghetti Western, for instance, combines American rye and Campari with organic tomatoes and a splash of pilsner. If you're hungry, try the Dirty South Burger, which features ground beef in a bun, topped with barbecued pulled pork. It's served slider-size to help you exercise portion control. Believe us, you'll be glad. Read more about this San Francisco bar or club >>

  • 1601 Bar & Kitchen

    1601 Howard St. San Francisco, CA 94103

  • 1772 Market Street

    1772 Market St. San Francisco, CA 94102
    415-371-9705 The rebranded 1772 Market Street takes what used to be known as Rebel — including its vintage motorcycle theme and decor — and changes it into something that's less a regular bar and more an occasional social club, rentable for parties, club nights, and more. Read more about this San Francisco bar or club >>

  • 19 Broadway

    19 Broadway

    17 Broadway Blvd. Fairfax, CA 94930

  • 19th Street Station

    19th Street Station

    339 19th St. Oakland, CA 94612-3405

  • 20 Spot

    3565 20th St. San Francisco, CA 94110

  • 21 Club

    21 Club

    98 Turk St. San Francisco, CA 94102-2808

    The 21 Club is one of the last remaining bastions of Tenderloin dive bar living. This small liquor den -- located at the untouristy intersection of Turk and Taylor -- serves stiff drinks and frothy beers to a diverse crowd of both grizzled old-timers and bohemian youth. The walls are crammed with dusty mementos and non-ironic kitsch that complement a jukebox laden with musical memories from decades gone by. Although the overhead TV is usually tuned to sports or the prime-time movie du jour, sometimes the most intense drama happens right outside the 21 Club's front door -- here in the heart of the Tenderloin, life itself is a round-the-clock tragicomedy. Read more about this San Francisco bar or club >>

  • 21st Amendment

    21st Amendment

    563 2nd St. San Francisco, CA 94107
    415-369-0900 Its name celebrates the repeal of Prohibition, so it's no surprise that 21st Amendment's brewpub is the opposite of a secret subterranean speakeasy: with its large windows, bright wood accents, and open floorplan, this South Park restaurant and microbrewery couldn't be more forthright about its upscale, beer-loving raison d'être. The taps here serve a variety of microbrew standbys (e.g., IPAs, porters, Belgian-style ales) as well as some beers (like the watermelon wheat ale) aimed at those with quirky and/or adventurous tastes. The menu, meanwhile, consists of fancified sandwiches, burgers, pizzas, steaks, and other staples. None of this comes cheap, alas - beers start at $7, burgers $10, and entrees $15 - but the happy, chatty crowds don't seem to mind. Read more about this San Francisco bar or club >>

  • 23 Club

    23 Visitacion Ave. Brisbane, CA 94005

  • 26 Mix

    26 Mix

    3024 Mission St. San Francisco, CA 94110

  • 3300 Club

    3300 Club

    3300 Mission St. San Francisco, CA 94110
    415-826-6886 A mellow, laid back watering hole, the 3300 Club touts itself as a true neighborhood bar. On any weekday you can find Slayer, Lynyrd Skynyrd, or Johnny Cash streaming from the jukebox and metalheads and old barflies alike nodding along. This is a no-frills bar where they pour stiff drinks and true margaritas (lime, tequila, and Grand Marnier). Decorated in folk art, the work of a regular, the bar celebrates Americana from eagles and wild deer to Native Americans and Joe Montana. The artist is even permitted from time to time to open the bar. Having contributed most of the artwork around the front room, his masterpieces really reach their potential in the restrooms. In the men's room, positioned above the urinals, there's a coquettish cougar stripping. In the ladies room, however, across from the toilet is a painting of a fence with a peephole and lascivious peering eyeball. Read more about this San Francisco bar or club >>

  • 440 Castro

    440 Castro

    440 Castro San Francisco, CA 94114
    415-621-8732 It's a leather/bear/rough-trade kind of place for the older and manly kind of gay - one of the last standing relics of the Castro's bygone days. Its Thursday weekly "CDXL," however, has the too-cool kids tearing the place apart to mash-up and disco beats. Read more about this San Francisco bar or club >>

  • 4Fourteen


    414 Mason San Francisco, CA 94102

    Not really a separate venue so much as a separate room behind the Ruby Skye balcony, this is a new event space where Ruby Skye's smoking lounge used to be: they walled up the exterior windows, ditched the pool table, tore up the carpet and added some danceable floor surfacing. Throw some DJ equipment on one end and a bar on the other et voila -- 4Fourteen. Read more about this San Francisco bar or club >>

  • 50 Mason Social House

    50 Mason Social House

    50 Mason San Francisco, CA 94102
    415-433-5050 Located at the confluence of the Union Square, Tenderloin, and Mid-Market neighborhoods, the upscale 50 Mason Social House mostly shuns the latter two demographics in a bid to attract well-to-do travelers and moneyed downtown crowds. This former comedy club has reformulated itself as a fancy beer-and-wine establishment suffused with vintage-aristocrat ambience (e.g., dark leather furniture, chandeliers, a fireplace) that's notably at odds with the grimier outside surroundings. The beer list is similarly genteel, spotlighting small-batch microbrews with prices starting around $5 and going into double digits for some selections. At night, bands set up on the corner stage to play jazz, blues, roots rock, and more. Read more about this San Francisco bar or club >>

  • 500 Club

    500 Club

    500 Guerrero San Francisco, CA 94110
    415-861-2500 The 500 Club is a lounge in the old-fashioned meaning of the term: rather than pimping sleek modern furniture and slick modern cocktails, this longtime Mission District standby features retro leather booths, back-to-basics drinks, and classic rock 'n' country on the jukebox. Sadly, the pool table is no more -- they needed the extra space to pack 'em in on weekends. A more favorable and flavorful recent development, however, is the opening of Clare's Deli next door, meaning you can now get delicious sandwiches and hot snacks delivered to your seat in the bar. Read more about this San Francisco bar or club >>

  • 540 Club

    540 Club

    540 Clement San Francisco, CA 94118
    415-752-7276 Haute and hardcore at the same time, the 540 Club is a place where drinkers of many social classes can commingle comfortably: this Inner Richmond hangout often features punk rock on the stereo and custom low-brow art on the walls, while the vintage setting feels like a private men's club from the early 20th Century. Read more about this San Francisco bar or club >>

  • 5th Amendment

    3255 Lakeshore Oakland, CA 94610

  • 7 Mile House Sports Bar & Grill

    2800 Bayshore Brisbane, CA 94005

  • 800 Larkin

    800 Larkin

    800 Larkin San Francisco, CA 94109
    415-567-9326 800 Larkin is a Tenderloin lounge trying hard not to be a dive bar. It has a pool table, good selection of spirits and draft beers, internet jukebox, TV streaming various sports, chatty female bartenders, and enough plush leather seating to host a small gathering. It also lacks a bouncer or a cover charge, which tend to be good things (unless some woman roars in off the street and tries to jack your bus fare, that is). All in all, 800 Larkin does its job well, giving you a clean, semi-classy cave in which to sip your drink of choice in the TL. Read more about this San Francisco bar or club >>

  • 83 Proof

    83 Proof

    83 First St. San Francisco, CA 94105
    415-296-8383 This is a bar that takes its cocktails very seriously. The bartenders are alchemist savants, thumbing through their comprehensive knowledge of spirits and herbs, veggies, and fruits to design your perfect drink. You tell them what flavors you like and they'll build a cocktail to match. Throwing some muscle into it, they'll work the pestle to mash up fresh ingredients such as strawberries for a jalapeño vodka mix. Each bartender has his or her specialty: some favor rum, some whiskey or scotch, but all are friendly, unpretentious, and incredibly attentive. They love what they do, spending time to explain the flavors as well as the bar's history. The building has a bit of S.F. folklore and notoriety tied to it: it was a Chinese triad bar that got closed down for over 10 years following a violent shootout, and prior to that it was a longshoreman's bar. The original 1936 flooring remains. Read more about this San Francisco bar or club >>

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