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Place Pigalle

Place Pigalle

This dive gives those in Hayes Valley who'd rather not drop rent on a bar tab a place to go. Locals love the pool table and the foosball table, and after looking around at the well-worn couches, one may wonder, "Wait, am I in a frat house?"
The Final Final

The Final Final

Its walls covered by 49ers and Giants memorabilia, the Final Final is a solid place to kick back and watch sports in the Marina, with a crowd of regulars, sports enthusiasts, and whoever else shows up to enjoy the pool table, dartboard, and free popcorn.


With nightly DJs playing good ol' rock 'n' roll, Delirium's small, black-walled back room is one of the city's coolest places when the DJs are firing on all cylinders. And with a motto like "service for the sick," we can dig it.

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  • Comet Club

    Comet Club

    3111 Fillmore San Francisco, CA 94123

    On weeknights the Comet Club is a quiet neighborhood dive with a rotating cast of regulars. Thursday through Saturday nights, however, the place gets crowded: the line to get in starts getting long around 10 p.m. If it gets really crowded, the bouncers sometime impose a cover charge. Inside the club, the music is Top 40 and the crowd definitely has a Marina vibe. It's a spacious bar, but seating is limited, so be prepared to do some standing. Party-instigating bartenders serve up popular specialty shooters like kamikazes for $5. For the same price, you can get the miraculous chocolate cake shot, which combines vanilla vodka and hazelnut liqueur in a sugar-coated glass. Chase it with lemon and experience a drink that tastes just like a cake. Read more about this San Francisco bar or club >>

  • Commonwealth Club

    Commonwealth Club

    595 Market San Francisco, CA 94105

  • Comstock Saloon

    Comstock Saloon

    155 Columbus San Francisco, CA 94133
    415-617-0071 The Barbary Coast re-created by the Comstock Saloon would have appeared to the denizens of the 19th-century vice district as a utopian fantasy. The saloon's booths are occupied by mixed groups, the bartenders have all their teeth, and the booze won't make you go blind. That doesn't make the romance it stages any less potent, because everything about the place is so beautifully realized. Jonny Raglin and Jeff Hollinger's take on classic cocktails such as Pisco Punches and South Sides is deft, and even defter is the way chef Carlo Espinas lightens and modernizes Victorian dishes - beans and salt pork, Hamburg steak, beef-shank and bone marrow pie - so they feel as contemporary as a well-made Manhattan. Read more about this San Francisco bar or club >>

  • The Condor Club

    The Condor Club

    560 Broadway San Francisco, CA 94133
    415-781-8222 The Condor Club is most famous as the place where stripper Carol Doda got her start in the '60s. This topless a-go-go has been heating up North Beach off and on for nearly 50 years and still maintains the old charm (the sultry red velvet boudoir theme has a vintage Playboy feel to it). Customers of this gentleman's club can enjoy different forms of athletic entertainment, whether it be the diverse bevy of dancing ladies or the baseball or football players on the flat-screen TVs. There is a spacious VIP room for more private affairs if the main area gets crowded on Fridays and Saturdays, which it does thanks to the two-for-one appetizers and martini specials. Even Sundays get a special treatment with discount Jägerbombs (a shot of Jägermeister dropped in a pint of Red Bull). There is a $10-$15 cover every day of the week, but early bird specials and passes on the website can get you in for free or at reduced prices - just be sure to tip the dancers and the bartenders. Read more about this San Francisco bar or club >>

  • Connecticut Yankee

    Connecticut Yankee

    100 Connecticut San Francisco, CA 94107
    415-552-4440 King Arthur's Court is nowhere to be seen, but the Connecticut Yankee may make you feel like you're in a comfy, well-worn New England tavern. Weekend nights frequently see acoustic rock and jam bands playing to a casual post-hippie crowd. Read more about this San Francisco bar or club >>

  • The Continental Club

    1658 12th St. Oakland, CA 94607

  • The Cosmo Bar & Lounge

    The Cosmo Bar & Lounge

    440 Broadway San Francisco, CA 94133
    415-989-3434 Apartment 24 has been rebranded as The Cosmo, so make sure you order the appropriate cocktails while waiting for the DJ to spin your favorite Top 40 hip-hop and dance hits. Read more about this San Francisco bar or club >>

  • Costello

    Costello's Four Deuces

    2319 Taraval San Francisco, CA 94116
    415-731-2164 This Irish pub has live music nearly every night of the week, including an open-mike night on Thursdays that's become very popular with area songsmiths. On the weekends things get a bit louder when local rock and punk acts take the stage. But the schedule changes almost daily, so call ahead. Read more about this San Francisco bar or club >>

  • Cotters Corner

    4431 Mission St. San Francisco, CA 94112

  • Crazy Horse Gentlemen

    Crazy Horse Gentlemen's Club

    980 Market San Francisco, CA 94102

  • Cresta

    Cresta's Twenty Two Eleven Club

    2211 Polk San Francisco, CA 94109

    Give or take your family's own particular idiosyncracies, Cresta's is the kinda place your Mom might open if she decided to start a bar: It's clean, welcoming, and none too wild. Cresta's usually leaves the loud music, leering pickup attempts, and loutish behavior of drunken younguns to the other bars on Polk, opting instead to present itself as a nice, friendly place in which to sit with a quiet cocktail and chat with your neighbors. It's a small space - just enough room for a narrow string of stools, plus a handsome antique back bar - which only serves to make it even cozier. Mom would approve. Read more about this San Francisco bar or club >>

  • Crossroads

    298 N. Capitol Ave. San Jose, CA 95127-5300

  • Cue Productions

    1835 Colfax St. Concord, CA 94519

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