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Place Pigalle

Place Pigalle

This dive gives those in Hayes Valley who'd rather not drop rent on a bar tab a place to go. Locals love the pool table and the foosball table, and after looking around at the well-worn couches, one may wonder, "Wait, am I in a frat house?"
The Final Final

The Final Final

Its walls covered by 49ers and Giants memorabilia, the Final Final is a solid place to kick back and watch sports in the Marina, with a crowd of regulars, sports enthusiasts, and whoever else shows up to enjoy the pool table, dartboard, and free popcorn.


With nightly DJs playing good ol' rock 'n' roll, Delirium's small, black-walled back room is one of the city's coolest places when the DJs are firing on all cylinders. And with a motto like "service for the sick," we can dig it.

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  • Warfield Theatre

    Warfield Theatre

    982 Market San Francisco, CA 94102
    415-345-0900 The grande dame of San Francisco's old vaudeville scene, the Warfield has seen it all — from '30s Borscht Belt comedians to '60s hippies and whatever the 21st Century decides to offer. This two-tiered, magnificently ornate old theater is a jewel set in the center of the city's downtown crown, replete with glassy old chandeliers, gorgeous carved woodwork, and a large stage framed by heavy velvet curtains. The lobby also features dozens of iconic photos and concert posters, offering evidence of the wealth of musicians who have performed here over the years. As for the concert space itself, the most exciting action happens in the former orchestra pit section — which is now a general admission dance floor — while the best viewing options usually reside up in the reserved balcony seats. Read more about this San Francisco bar or club >>

  • Whiskey Thieves

    Whiskey Thieves

    839 Geary San Francisco, CA 94109
    415-409-2063 Not only is it the smallest bar in the Thieves mini-chain of local drinking establishments, but Whiskey Thieves also has the most character - a character that is entirely provided by, and dependent on, its titular selection of whiskey. From smoky single-malt Scotches and smooth Irish blends to heavy Kentucky bourbons and beyond, Whiskey Thieves loves to sling that sweet amber liquid in all its varieties. Prices are totally affordable (especially the rotating series of specials, which include a basic American beer back for about $7) and the bartenders are glad to let you sample a few tastes before choosing your final selection. Due to its downtown Tenderloin locale, however, the environment here is more young and hip than suave and cultured, so leave upscale pretensions at the door. Read more about this San Francisco bar or club >>

  • White Horse Bar

    White Horse Bar

    6551 Telegraph Oakland, CA 94609

  • Wild Side West

    Wild Side West

    424 Cortland San Francisco, CA 94110

    A cozy and charming lesbian saloon with ancient wood floors, warm fireplace, pool table, and a perfectly verdant back yard for those sunny summer afternoons. Read more about this San Francisco bar or club >>

  • Wilson & Wilson

    Wilson & Wilson

    505 Jones San Francisco, CA 94102 Bourbon & Branch's new side project, a tiny speakeasy within a large speakeasy, is decorated in a 1930s gumshoe theme and requires online reservations and a password. Its bartenders have become cooks in their own right, brewing and infusing and stewing and concocting, taking ownership of the drink in ways we never imagined in the vodka-cran age. While the Wilson's cocktails can be ordered à la carte, the preferred mode is to consume them as a tasting menu - aperitif, "main," digestif - or a $40 punch for four, served in a silver teapot. You don't go to the Wilson for a drink. You go for a liquid dinner. Read more about this San Francisco bar or club >>

  • Wine Kitchen

    507 Divisadero St. San Francisco, CA 94117

  • Winery Collective

    485 Jefferson St. San Francisco, CA 94109

  • Wingtip

    560 Sacramento St. San Francisco, CA 94111

  • Wingtip

    550 Montgomery San Francisco, CA 94111

  • Wipeout Bar & Grill

    Pier 39 San Francisco, CA 94133
    415-986-5966 Fried finger foods, surfing-inspired cocktails, burgers, and beachy themes abound at this bustling American restaurant, Wipeout Bar & Grill, located in the heart of touristy Fisherman's Wharf. Read more about this San Francisco bar or club >>

  • Wish


    1539 Folsom San Francisco, CA 94103
    415-278-9474 This intimate lounge is alternately a happening DJ hotspot and a relaxed hangout with DJs spinning downtempo funk, house, and soul. Bonus: There's rarely a cover. Read more about this San Francisco bar or club >>

  • Wreck Room

    Wreck Room

    1390 California San Francisco, CA 94109
    415-932-6715 Graduation sucks, dude. The old campus party pad is off limits -- so now when you wanna down some brews, shoot hoops, and scope babes with your fave wingmen, you gotta hit the Wreck Room. With its plethora of games to either play (pool, shuffleboard, arcade basketball, and more) or watch (via one of the many flat-screen TVs), this new Nob Hill establishment is an upscale sports bar mixed with a gameroom mixed with a frat house. The beer and liquor selections skew fancy, but the chapeau of choice is a baseball cap. Heck, the bartender might even serve your drink with a "thanks, bro" and fist bump. Read more about this San Francisco bar or club >>

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